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In energy investments and industrial plant investments, architectural project, static project, mechanical installation project, electrical installation project and landscape project services require experience and strict and healthy coordination among disciplines. The Project Solution Center offers the architectural, static (reinforced concrete and steel projects), mechanical, electrical and landscape projects that the investment needs in full harmony, on time, economically and with high quality.

Project Service

The Project Solution Center provides the project service economically and in the fastest way in line with the needs of the investment within the framework of land data, process data and regulations.

Project Service Stages:

  • The project work begins with the analysis of the topographic features of the site. The most robust and economical constructional solutions are suggested by considering the ground properties, climate data and terrain elevations of the site.

  • The most suitable layout is designed with the cooperation of architects and engineers. At this stage, besides technical requirements, process data and investment economy are prioritized.

  • Infrastructure and fire projects are prepared according to the settlement.

  • The architectural, static (reinforced concrete or steel), mechanical installation, electrical installation projects of all buildings are prepared in the order of preliminary, final and application projects. System details and point details in application projects and manufacturing details of steel projects are prepared.

  • In order to obtain a construction license from the municipality, projects and spreadsheets are printed in the format requested by the relevant institution. Construction-related section of the report requested by the Ministry of Energy is prepared.

  • 3D visuals of the investment are prepared.


Consultancy Service

Preliminary reports are prepared on the construction system and materials in order to make the construction economical. The organization is made for the realization of projects on the most economical system. During construction, field visits are made by expert engineers and controls are made and reports containing suggestions and deficiencies, if any, are presented to the employer to avoid additional costs. Quantities of the application project are drawn. With the exploration, the construction cost of the investment is prepared in tables. The tender file is created.

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